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Hexagonal internal connection, the perfect combination of experience and reliability

implantes conexión interna

ZIACOM has, since its formation, chosen the internal hexagonal connection for different implant lines, thus meeting the needs of the dental industry.

The outstanding features of the internal hexagonal connection makes it one of the most utilized in the field of implantology. The design and depth of the hexagon improves the distribution of the occlusal longitudinal forces to which the implant restorations are subjected. Due to its 45º cone there is conical friction between the abutment and the implant connection which reduces the micromovements of the abutment in function. This connection presents a conical bevel that reduces microbial infiltration and generates the platform switch. The change of platform consists of a reduction in the diameter of the prosthetic work with respect to the actual diameter of the implant. This design promotes the modeling of the peri-implant soft tissues and therefore the conformation of an emergency profile adapted to each clinical case.  All these features are reflected in the achievement of predictable rehabilitation, optimal aesthetic results and long-term stability.

 implantes conexión interna


ZIACOM has several implant lines with internal hexagonal connection

Within its range of internal hexagonal connection implants, ZIACOM offers to the professional the cylindrical morphology implants Zinic and Zinic Shorty, and its conical morphology implant Zinic MT.

The design of the Zinic implant provides great versatility to be placed in all positions of both arches and in all types of bone. It is available in three platforms: NP (Ø3,30), RP (Ø3,70 – Ø4,00 – Ø4,30) y WP (Ø4,60 – Ø5,00).

Similarly, the Zinic Shorty, extra-short implant is indicated for arches with severer bone resorption, and for use in proximity to key anatomical structures such as the maxillary sinus or inferior alveolar nerve. Professional planning and orthodontic design must be carefully performed. The splinting of the crowns and the distribution of the occlusal functional loads are key factors in achieving a long-term rehabilitation.

The Zinic MT implant provides excellent primary stability in cases of immediate post-exodontia placement and/or immediate loading. The surgical box includes drills per size with “stopper incorporated “, which gives greater security in the surgical procedure. The use of tapered implants, whose morphology is similar to dental roots, has increased progressively. This trend is supported by clinical trials of survival of implants with high primary stability.

ZIACOM, official sponsor of the XLI Congress of the Society of Biomechanics and Biomaterials (SIBB).
ZIACOM holds a theoretical-practical day at the University CEU San Pablo, in Monteprincipe (Madrid).
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