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Guide surgery abd digital flow ZIACOM workshop at the clinic dental DT

Last January 18th,  “Guide surgery and digital flow ZIACOM workshop” was held. This event took place at the Clinic DT and it was headed by the Dr. David Trujillo.

The surgery planning was performing with Zinic 3D, the design of the surgery splint with GuideDesign, and the printing by ZIACOM.

During the surgical procedure with the ZIACOM 3DBOX100C, six Zinic Guide implants were placed. The Digital Printing  was taken by CS 3600® intraoral scanner and, also in the same surgery, a provisional immediate loading of PMMA was made with CAD-CAM technology.

Treatment was highly satisfied for the patient and the professionals who attended to the surgery.

Our company keep developing the training program and the calendar of upcoming ZIACOM Digital Sessions will be published soon.