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Find out about the new ZIACOM Galaxy surgical box

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Galaxy surgical box

ZIACOM has incorporated the Galaxy implant into the product portfolio as part of its conical connection implant line. An implant with a conical connection of 11º and a conical morphology, ideal for immediate placement post-extraction, immediate loading and low density bones. Galaxy implants are manufactured on a single prosthetic platform for all diameters, which results not only in simplicity for the professional but also for the whole team.

The coronal area of the implant has an inverted cone designed with a switch of platform, this feature provides the necessary space for the shaping of the soft tissue. Additionally, it also improves load distribution and reduces cortical stress.

Galaxy implant has a conical body and double threaded input with variable geometry. These features make Galaxy implants suitable for all bone types with high primary stability results.

Galaxy surgical box
Surgical Box

For the new Galaxy and ZV2 conical-connected implants, ZIACOM offers an integrated plastic and silicone box with no relief, ideal foil for easy and thorough cleaning and disinfection. The new patented GROMMET-LESS® technology represents a revolution in the cleaning and disinfection procedures for surgical trays.

Due to the plastic and silicone co-moulding, the surgical box provides many advantages in the handling of cleaning, both for the hygiene of the surgical kit and all related instruments. The current demands of the industry requires the use of more solutions that do not include instrument retention rubbers. By being dismantled and reassembled in each use, they present a problem for cleaning and disinfecting the surgical shelves, and an increase in time used. For this reason, the relief-free tray solution is created.

This product is considered the first plastic surgical tray suitable for use in washer-disinfectors. The use of the Thermal washer-disinfector is the safest method of cleaning and disinfecting instruments today. Time and cost savings are achieved as manual work is limited to the pre-cleaning phase. Due to this new technology, no residue will accumulate between the instrument holder rubber and the plastic in the surgical kit compartment tray. With the new smooth surface, there is no longer any need to dismantle the rubbers to clean the kit, and at the same time there are no more obstacles during disinfection.

Galaxy insert carraca
Surgical instruments

The surgical instruments for Galaxy and ZV2 have a different look appearance. This appearance is different from the others due to the DLC coating. Which ensures high resistance to corrosion during sterilization, low friction coefficient and abrasion that significantly increases the life of an instrument. Matt finishing (not shiny) is required to avoid reflection of the illumination during the surgical procedure. At the same time, all the drills in the Galaxy box have millimeter marks corresponding to the lengths of the implants, thus allowing visual control during drilling. In addition, the surgical box is equipped with drill stops to ensure control of the drilling depth.

Similarly, the new Galaxy box also includes the VPress insertion key, which is especially suitable for the conical connection and available for ratchet and contra-angle handpiece. This instrument has horizontal strips (” close to the active area”) calibrated at a distance of 1mm to determine the depth of implant placement.

The surgical box includes a torque ratchet that allows the control of torque in the insertion up to 70Ncm. The TORK70 torque ratchet offers numerous advantages in comparison to standard spring-loaded ratchets. The lightweight body is made of Ti and is easier to use because the effort required to adjust the torque is very light and independent of its value. The torque wrench is designed to be easy to use and clean after applicationbecause it is completely removable.  There are three parts that are easy to separate, assemble and clean, making sterilization in an autoclave considerably faster.

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