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1. Is the tightening torque important for implant-supported restorations?

The screws are the weakest parts of the implant-prosthetic system, their loosening is an important sign that can alert and warn of a possible fracture. [1]
Loosening the abutment screw is the second most common cause of implant supported restoration failure. [2]
It is recommended that the tightening torque be reapplied at least twice at a 10-minute interval for all laboratory and clinical procedures to minimize the loosening effect of the abutment screws. [3]

2. Which tightening torque must be used?

ZIACOM recommends tightening torques, which are available in the ZIACOM product catalogues.


3. Are there screws to ensure reliable tightening?

ZIACOM recommends using Kiran which has a surface treatment that improves the reliability of tightening and reduces the probability of loosening. [1]

4. Are there any allergy risks with ZIACOM materials?

ZIACOM implants are made of commercially pure grade IV titanium, conforming to ASTM F67 and UNE-EN ISO 5832-2 standards. And the prosthetic attachments are mostly made of grade V titanium, according to ASTM F136-08 and UNE-EN ISO 5832-3 standards.

Ziacom provides a document for customers with all information on metal allergies in implant dentistry and raw material composition. See Doc-1061.

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5. How should the instruments be cleaned and sterilized?

For the correct use and functioning of the ZIACOM instruments, cleaning and disinfection of the instruments must be carried out in accordance with the cleaning recommendations defined by ZIACOM. See Doc-1066.

6. How many times may I use a surgical drill?

ZIACOM drills are designed for 45 uses, and it is not recommended to exceed these uses.

7. How to make a devolution of not used material?

ZIACOM allows customers to return non-used products up to 3 months after purchase. See general conditions of purchase on the website (Doc- 1065) or consult a sales representative.

8. How to report an incident with a ZIACOM product?

ZIACOM offers a warranty program for products, and in the event of an incident with any of the products, see the warranty program conditions on the web (Doc- 1074) or consult a sales representative.

9. How to order from ZIACOM?

ZIACOM offers different options for customers to order, view general conditions of purchase on the web (Doc- 1065) or consult a sales representative.

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10. I have never used a ZIACOM product before. Is it possible to sample a ZIACOM product?

ZIACOM is offering new customers the possibility of a testing surgery to evaluate the functionality of their products. The clients may request the test-surgery to their area commercials or at info@ziacom.es