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Dental implantology training for hygienists and clinica assistants

Implantología dental

The last Friday, 16th December, took place a  dental implantology training for hygienists and clinical assistants at Colon Hotel in Madrid. Aída Gutierrez Corrales, Degree in Dentistry, Master in Oral Surgery and Doctorate in Health Sciences among others, was in charge  of the training.

David Linares, Product Manager of the company, also participated in the training, adding his knowledge about products, protocols and surgery  and  experience for over 20 years in the market.

Some of the main points of the seminar were as follows:

  • Introduction to Dental Implantology, human equipment and infraestructure.
  • The anatomy of the oral cavity for clinical assistant. Clinical history.
  • Infectious diseases of high risks in Dentistry. The identification and definition in the patologies, groups at risk, indicators of patients , protection elements and  protocols to follow.
  • Safety in the surgical enviroment. Sterilization, disinfection and antisepsis in the surgical cabinet.
  • Use of Implant
  • Surgical Procedures: Temporary/Inmediate loading implant, rehabilitation on four implants technique and guided surgery.
  • Preparation and maintenance of surgical bed.
  • Cleaning, sterilization and maintenance of implant material.
  • Types of implant prothesis, equipment and assistance in prosthetic procedures.
  • The care of the patient, pre and post-operative medication rules, as well as previous information to the patient related to his treatment.
  • Medical emergencies, affordable cases in clinic, guided surgery by computer, options and pre-requisites for its success, etc.
  • Dental Implant Placement Procedure: surgical kit, drilling sequence, warnings and surgical protocol prevention.

The training was a great success among the participants. The hygienist and clinical assistants could update their knowdledges and expand action protocols of our brand. In addition they spent an enjoyable day with colleagues of the sector.

ZIACOM  appreciates the participation of Aída Gutiérrez Corrales Doctor, David Linares and of course all of those who attended to the event. In 2017 we will continue with our training plan for sector professionals.

Awards 14th SECIB National Congress
Training European University Miguel de Cervantes From Valladolid
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