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Last Saturday, April 7th, the 3rd module was held, which is part of the 3rd edition of the Dental Call Center implantology modular course. This module was conducted by Dr. Juan Pedro Mazón and Dr. Hugo Vera Jiménez, was sponsored by ZIACOM and supported by Dr. Karla Granadillo Acosta, Technical Product Manager of the company.

In this occasion, the training was about guided bone regeneration and the different regenerative solutions that ZIACOM offers to the professional.

Those attending to the module had a practical workshop on animal modeling, performing dental extractions on the lamb jaw, and then proceeded to perform alveolar preservation techniques.

During the workshop, ZIACOM supplied its biomaterials OsseosBCP and OsseosTCP as bone substitutes, and Zellplex and T-Gen as resorbable membranes.

ZIACOM, always supporting training for professional excellence, will continue to be a sponsor in the following modules of the Dental Call Center Implantology course.