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Clínica Menorca and Ziacom Medical sign an important clinical research agreement

Clínica Menorca

Ziacom Medical, a leading company in the development and manufacture of dental implantology, and Clínica Menorca, a prestigious health centre with different medical specialities, are joined by the signing of a collaboration agreement for clinical research in the field of dental implantology.

Both Spanish companies are committed to research and innovation in the development of new products for oral implantology, prosthetic solutions and dental aesthetics. The focus of research will be to evolve existing procedures and products and obtain new products that can add value to the field of oral implantology. The research projects will be directed by Dr. Javier Ortega Muñoz, clinical director of the area of dentistry at Clínica Menorca.

Both Clínica Menorca and Ziacom Medical are aware of the importance of continuous training for healthcare professionals, especially in the dental field. For this reason, they will also jointly carry out different implantology training courses and clinical stays at a national level, which will recycle and perfect the skills and competences of the attendees.

Likewise, Clínica Menorca has a foundation of the same name whose aim is to collaborate in the development of medical-scientific research projects to combat certain diseases, help patients and their families, as well as collaborate with any other health project of a social nature. These tasks are carried out either directly through direct funding or through the donation of funds to other non-profit foundations. The commitment and social responsibility of Clínica Menorca is in line with the philosophy and corporate policy of Ziacom Medical, which has a long and positive history of solidarity, so through this agreement, both companies can collaborate together in this area.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that this recent union seeks to promote the Spain brand and the excellence of the national dental sector with its projects.

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