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ZIACOM celebrates the second bowling day of the company

The Tres Aguas Bowling hosted last Saturday the second day of the 1st sports competition organized by the company. An exciting day full of entertainment and fun that seeks to enhance teamwork and improve the personal satisfaction of our employees.

The event was attended by 24 ZIACOM employees in 9 teams. All of the teams were at a high level! The good reception of the second day motivated to all the players to improve their skills and give a twist to the ranking.

After the conclusion of the day, the B-B-C team, scoring 50 points, took first place in the general classification, and Juan Adrián, one of its members, achieved a position as the winner of the competition. J-D-T and ZIACOM Boys teams, with 40 and 38 points respectively, took second and third place respectively.

ZIACOM bowling day for the kids!

A edition that also counted with the participation of the Children team, made up of the relatives of our employees. In this meeting, the youngest players in the competition finished seventh in the ranking with 20 points.

Do not miss news of the next ZIACOM bowling days. Everything is yet to be decided!

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