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ZIACOM, authorized distributor of Bien-Air Dental

Bien-Air Dental surgical motors
Bien-Air Dental surgical motors

ZIACOM is the official distributor of Bien-Air Dental surgical motors. Lightweight motors, with ergonomic contra-angle handpieces and intuitive systems. These high-precision devices are equipped with efficient and powerful micromotors that meet the clinical requirements.

Bien- Air has an innovative range of iChiripro and Chiripro L. iChiripro surgical motors, a revolutionary device controlled by iPad®. Chiripro L, stands out for its easy and intuitive interface, and a comfortable control thanks to the new foot control pedal and includes an innovative peristaltic pump. Both are equipped with the MX-i LED micromotor, the only one on the market that provides LED illumination of equal intensity independent of the working speed and that requires no maintenance as it has ceramic ball bearings lubricated for life, it is sterilizable and the most powerful and lightest on the market.

ZIACOM is focused on training in the university area
ZIACOM, new sponsor of the Spanish Implant Society
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