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Anatomical healing abutments and temporary

“The healing abutment starts the contouring phase with the soft tissue. The anatomical healing abutments of ZIACOM has been designing for developing a natural contour and a soft tissue margin anatomically designed and so get an aesthetic restoration of the abutment.

The definition of which abutment to use at the beginning of the treatment for the final restoration, allows to choose the healing abutment oriented to the best adaptation of the final restoration. There are customizable PEEK healing abutments designed to satisfy needs of specific cases and to be used according to users preferences. In ZIACOM catalogs you can find more details on temporary using the ZPlus. Further conditioning of the soft tissues with the temporary abutment can achieve an even more aesthetic result and widen the soft tissue if its needed. In addition, the papilla can be further shaped and adapted to the final restoration. However, the patient should be informed of the additional conditions required by these steps to improve the aesthetic result. A good communication between the dental laboratory and dentists facilitates a satisfactory end result.

In general, provisional restoration is necessary to achieve a satisfactory aesthetic result. ZIACOM has 3 types of abutment when it needs to be temporary: its ZPlus multifunctional conveyor (anti-rotation included in each implant), the provisional PEEK and titanium abutment (also available rotary). These abutments allow additional conditioning of the soft tissues. The PEEK provisional abutment allows you to apply a subtraction or addition procedure to create a custom temporary restoration. Provisional titanium abutments are designed to construct a temporary restoration by cementing acrylic crown to post. “

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