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Last Saturday, April 7th, ZIACOM sponsored the annual meeting of the Andalusian Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (AACOMF) held in Antequera (Málaga) and headed by Dr. Faustino Acebal Blanco which was ratified during the vote for the next two-year period.

During the course, training in implantology for occlusion and prosthodontics was given by dentists Carolina Fernández and Mariana Hernández, Technicals Product Manager of ZIACOM.

Next, the topic of occlusion was developed as a basis for pre-surgical planning, and prognosis of prosthetically guided treatment of the partially or fully edentulous patient with implantological needs in both fixed and removable restorations.

In accordance with the goals of the course, a detailed presentation was made about the wide range of prosthetic attachments available for Zinic and ZM4 implants, differentiating the attachments for internal and external hex connection implants. In addition, the design characteristics of the products and their indications of use were correlated according to the needs of each case.

Finally, participants were informed about the current technologies for the rehabilitation process, using CAD-CAM technology. Consequently, the materials available in the ZIACOR milling and sintering center were presented, detailing the features and attributes, as well as the clinical indications of each one. In the same way, the most widely used materials in the sector were reviewed, such as titanium, chrome-cobalt, lithium disilicate and zirconium; and the most recent ones incorporated in CAD-CAM technology for dentistry such as PEEK, PEKKTON, PMMA or graphite.

Likewise, the most widely used materials in the sector, such as titanium, chromium-cobalt, lithium disilicate and zirconium, and the most recent materials incorporated in CAD-CAM technology for dentistry such as PEEK, PEKKTON, PMMA or graphite, were reviewed.