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On Saturday, January 27th, the third edition of the modular dental implantology course of the Dental Call Center was held. This first module was directed by Dr. Juan Pedro Mazón, who counted on the support of dentists Karla Granadillo and Mariana Hernández, technical product manager of ZIACOM, during the practical workshop with ZINIC and ZM4 implants.

Dental Call Center (CliniKsalud Odontólogos in Algemesi, Valencia) provides personalized training and a close teaching in small group of 6 attendees. Preclinical days, organized as workshops, allow for perfecting techniques to apply later in patients.

During the session, students performed implantology surgical protocols on lamb heads with the BOX500CM. The osteotomy performed with ZIACOM instruments was complemented with tissue management including incisions, detachments and sutures.

The company supplied the attendees ZINIC internal connection implants and external connection ZM4 implants. The objects of the training is for the students to know in detail the differences of the instruments used and allow for future practices the impression takings and the choice of prosthetic abutments, depending on the characteristics of two types of connections.

The current edition of the dental implantology modular course in Dental Call Center aims to train students in all types of cases restorations, including those conditioned by maxillary atrophy or poor bone availability.

ZIACOM as a sponsor will provide special implants for the next preclinical days, such as Zinic Shorty extra-short implant and ZMK mono-bloc. Moreover, for the training required to the most demanding cases, will be on the agenda the practice of digital planning guided surgery with Zinic3D of ZIACOM; where maximum precision, minimum surgical invasion and predictability are necessary.