Osseobone® is a bone substitution material made of Tricalcic B-Phosphate in order to comply with ASTM F1088-04 international standard. Meets the highest principles of what should be an ideal biomaterial for surgical use in dentistry.

It has a structure similar to the trabecula of spongy bone based on the interconnected porosity. This allows it to act as osseoconductive support for blood capillaries and osseogenic cells that adhere to form new bone.

Its bioactivity and composition allows you to act in the process of bone remodeling, being osseointegrated and bio reabsorbed in a stable and progressive form, being totally replaced by bone from the patient.

Due to its characteristics, composition and properties, Osseobone is an ideal biomaterial for bone regeneration processes.

Clinical Indications?

  • Furcal lesions
  • Radicular exposures.
  • Crest reconstructions.
  • Intraosseous defects in peridontal
  • Recovering of fenestrations.
  • Expanding bone regeneration.
  • Atraumatic sinus elevations.
  • Post-extraction bone cavity fillings
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  • 2-3
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