Tongue Cleaner

Limpiador lingual

Do you brush your teeth, use dental floss and mouthwash? Do you think you oral hygiene is complete? The answer is no, you still need to use the tongue cleaner in a very important part of your mouth, the tongue.

An improper or no cleaning of the tongue, in many cases, is the main cause of bad breath.

The tongue accumulates most of the bacteria found inside the oral cavity. For this reason it is very important to remove daily the layer formed to prevent the proliferation of bacteria with a tongue cleaner. Have you heard about these cleaners?

The tongue cleaner is a tool created to combat halitosis. Its shape is designed to reach the remotest areas of the tongue and remove resident bacteria in the oral area. It has two faces, one of special corrugated profile to match the central depression of the tongue and other smooth profile to clean the sides of it.

How do we use the tongue cleaner?

First, the central part of the tongue is cleaned using face cleaner that has a protrusion. To perform this step correctly, it is best to hold the tongue cleaner by the handle so this protrusion is at the bottom.

Then, stick out the tongue and insert the tongue cleaner into the mouth trying to reach the furthest side of the tongue. Crawl the cleaner through the central part of the tongue from the back to the front of the mouth.

Once you have cleaned the central part of the tongue, the tongue cleaner is rinsed with water and we will continue with the sides of the tongue using the smooth side of the cleaner. Finally, the cleaner is rinsed after each pass and, of course, once the cleaning is complete.


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