ZIACOM has reached some scientific collaboration agreements with several entities. One the one hand, It has signed a research contract with FISEVI (Public Andalusian Foundation for the Research Management Seville Health). Under this agreement Daniel Torres Lagares Doctor, (main researcher of the Project),fiseviwho belongs to Oral and maxillofacial surgery Clinical Unit of the Virgen del Rocio University Hospital, will carry out a research, development and innovation project in the oral Implantology field. FISEVI will make in vivo and in vitro biological studies to increase the biological knowledge of our Osseonova surface Implant.

On the other hand, Ziacom has reached an agreement with ISEO (Dental specialities Higher Institute in Dominican Republic),iseoaccording to which Juan Manuel Aragoneses Doctor, vice president of the Institute, will oversee the clinical research project with Zinic Implants by Ziacom. This project includes a clinical survive evaluation protocol, primary stability measurement, and crestal bone loss control.