Medical Group

Making future together

Founded as Osseolife®, our company was established in 2004 in Madrid, with 100% Spanish investment capital. In 2005 in Italy and 2006 in Spain,  the company launched its first own implants line of OEX® and OIN® systems (external and internal connection) under the brand Osseolife® Implants. On September 2015, we became Ziacom Medical, SL. Currently, we have diversified our business with different implant designs and new products for specialties such as maxillofacial.

The year 2018 will be key in our international expansion with the opening of subsidiaries USA, United Kingdom, Germany, France and Italy. In addition, as a result of the work from our Export Department, we have recently closed agreements with distributors in Portugal, Turkey, Dominican Republic, Romania, Poland and Russia. All this with the satisfaction of being 100% product Made in Spain.

Faithful to our innovative spirit, we continue to invest in R&D&I and looking for new solutions and products that satisfy the increased demand of our customers. We plan to invest 50% of the budget next year to R&D&I in order to develop more efficient production processes and at the same time satisfy our client expectance. To do so, we will open a factory with 4,000 m2 of new installations in Pinto (Madrid) including a technological center.

Our expansion strategy requires the presence of ZIACOM® in fairs and congresses of the sector both nationally and internationally to implement the policy of communication and branding company to release products and news. We recently incorporated Dras. as Technicals Product Manager and we are closing collaboration and training agreements with different Universities in Spain and the Dominican Republic, as well as initiating product studies with experts in dental implantology. Also, in the area of external training, we will soon begin our Master of Implantology and Digital Implantoprótesis accredited by UEMC.