Medical Group

Making future together

As a company specialized in dental implantology, we have been designing and manufacturing implants systems for almost 12 years. We offer a wide range of products to provide solutions to the varied needs of oral and maxillofacial rehabilitations.
Firstly, we were known as dental implantological elements producer for different brands of the European market. As from the year 2005, we launched to the market our first implants system under the brand Osseolife® successfully.

We have evolved thanks to the results achieved by our client´s confidence. Today we are ZIACOM® Medical, a dynamic company with a capability to adapt ourselves to the needs of the market.

With different business units which allow us to provide comprehensive services to a global solution. Due to our products pass to stringent quality control and guaranteed by the high percentage of clinical success in patients, we offer Lifetime warranty in dental implants.

With the aim of ongoing improvement, we are investing and increasing each year higher percentage in R+D+I with support from national and international universities as well as research agreements such as those that we have signed with FISEVI and ISEO.

Our core activity is focused on offering high quality products at competitive prices to achieve safe, predictable and successful treatments for patients. Definitively… Solutions for a better life.