Gingival smile

Every smile is different. Some people show little amount of gum while they smile and others, in change, show much more. When a person shows too much gum is said to have gummy smile.

The gummy smile is a purely aesthetic deficiency and nonfunctional when the subject smiles shows more gum than normal. Within the dental aesthetics aims to have the aligned teeth, white and only show a small part of gummy smile.

Usually, people who have gummy smile face problems of self-esteem and do not feel comfortable showing her smile in public.

Depending on the areas of the gum shown while smiling, there are different types of gummy smile:

  • Previous gingival smile: the gingiva portion showed in excess corresponds to the area on top of the incisors of the upper jaw.
  • Back gingival smile: the part of the gingiva showed in excess corresponds to the back of the mouth (from the first premolar backwards).
  • Mixed gingival smile: in this case both sides of the gum both the anterior and posterior are showed.

To solve the gummy smile there are several options:

  • Gingivectomy: this minimally invasive surgery is performed with an electronic scalpel. It exposes most of dental enamel creating harmony in the smile. It is the ultimate solution to the gummy smile.
  • Crowns or veneers: the placement of dental crowns or Veneers makes the appearance that the teeth are longer than natural parts and so not much gum is shown.
  • Orthodontics: when the gummy smile is accompanied by an incorrect position of the teeth or bite, gummy smile can be corrected with the use of dental braces, achieving proper positioning of the teeth and showing less gingiva.

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